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fileClojure for the brave and true.pdf2021-03-25 16:346230 KB
fileCode Craft : The practice of writing excellent code.pdf2021-03-25 16:349154 KB
fileData visualization with Javascript.pdf2021-03-25 16:3519906 KB
fileGrey hat C#.pdf2021-03-25 16:3413879 KB
fileLand of Lisp.pdf2021-03-25 16:3423719 KB
fileLearn you a Haskell for great good.pdf2021-03-25 16:3511519 KB
fileLearn you some Erlang for great good.pdf2021-03-25 16:3416232 KB
filenostarch_wintersampler_2017.pdf2021-03-25 16:3419334 KB
fileRealm of Racket.pdf2021-03-25 16:3418570 KB
fileRuby under a microscope.pdf2021-03-25 16:3410344 KB
fileTeach your kids to code.pdf2021-03-25 16:3516027 KB
fileThe art of Assembly language.pdf2021-03-25 16:3522970 KB
fileThe art of debugging.pdf2021-03-25 16:349557 KB
fileThe art of programming.pdf2021-03-25 16:3512579 KB
fileThe book of R.pdf2021-03-25 16:3422080 KB
fileThe Linux command line.pdf2021-03-25 16:359377 KB
fileThink like a programmer.pdf2021-03-25 16:359177 KB
fileUnderstanding ECMAScript6.pdf2021-03-25 16:355854 KB
fileWicked cool shell scripts.pdf2021-03-25 16:3412551 KB