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fileA Bug Hunter's Diary.pdf2021-03-25 16:367430 KB
fileAutomate the boring stuff with Python.pdf2021-03-25 16:3514880 KB
fileBitcoin for the befuddled.pdf2021-03-25 16:3525855 KB
fileBlack Hat Python.pdf2021-03-25 16:366871 KB
fileDesigning BSD Rootkits.pdf2021-03-25 16:359227 KB
fileHacker Bundle 2016 Sampler.pdf2021-03-25 16:3615437 KB
fileHacking : The Art of Exploration.pdf2021-03-25 16:366825 KB
fileHacking The XBox.pdf2021-03-25 16:3525497 KB
filePractical Malware Analysis.pdf2021-03-25 16:359722 KB
filePython Crash Course.pdf2021-03-25 16:355641 KB
fileSilence On The Wire.pdf2021-03-25 16:356141 KB
fileThe Linux Command Line.pdf2021-03-25 16:369377 KB
fileThe Maker's Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse.pdf2021-03-25 16:3636315 KB
fileThe Smart Girl's Guide to Privacy.pdf2021-03-25 16:352240 KB